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Guys, I just wanted you to know I got the 
Rasta Cuks Ivory Shag rug, and I LOVE it!!
I'm so impressed with your customer service 
I'm happy I gave you the business.
H., Shoreline, WA

hi layne.
just wanted to let you see
how absolutely perfect it looks
(see attachment).
i love it.
best, Marsha T.

Color Chips rugThanks for your follow-up email
in regards to my purchase.
It was a very pleasant experience
from beginning to end.
I was extremely impressed
with your web site
and the ease at which
I was able to use it.

Edges rugI am very happy with the new rugs 
and sincerely believe 
I will make additional purchases 
in the future.

Thanks and best of luck to you 
and Modern Rugs .com

Dennis H, Lewies, DE 

(click images)Stripes I

Here's a picture of 
"Stripes I" in our home.

We absolutely love it! 


Raji R, Brambleton, VA

(click image)Vineyard - Gold

Mosaico II

Got the rugs and love them!! 

Susan M, Destin, FL 

(click images)

I am very pleased with my order 
and for the excellent service 
I have received from Modern 
I will definitely order from you again!

Judith R., Easley, SC

"Just want to tell you that your 
customer service and rugs. are great 
Every time I've ever ordered 
something in a backorder situation 
it is a nightmare getting a hold of the 
company. Thanks again, and I will 
recommend your site to friends.

Dr S.. Lawrence, Kenoska, WI


Black Deco

The rug has arrived, and looks great!

Thank you,

Janet N, Cincinnati, OH

(click image)

Fornax Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

"I am glad I waited for my rug 
Even though my rug was on backordered 
it is the best art piece on our floor! 
Thanks again."

Jackie D. Los Angeles, CA

Hi Layne,
Thank you very much. I got the 2'x3' rug
and it is exactly the way I wanted. 
You were very helpful in assuring me 
that it was the one I needed. Good Job! 
Yesterday I called and talked to Zachary 
and ordered the 6'x 9' rug. 
He was also very nice and I hope I'll get it 
as fast as I got the one you sent. 
Apreciate your help! Rosana D, Columbus, OH

Miwuk Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

Thank you so much for finally 
a web site with gorgeous 
modern rugs that is easy to 
navigate through!

We just made our third purchase
through your company.

Millesant Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image
The quality of rugs 
Tibetan rugs are exceptional.

We look forward to making more 

Jane R., Phoenix, AZ

Felisa Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image
Thank you so much for all of your help. 
Great products and wonderful 
customer service. Sounds like a 
recipe for success to me!!

Debby G., Hartland, WI

modern accssories

Can't wait to get the Lamp 
I ordered and set it up. 
You guys have been great fun. 
I'll definitely be ordering from you again. 
Thanks Zachary!

Amy V., Santa Fe, NM

Bonfilia Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

Just a quick note, Please, thank Ann 
for her prompt service. I received the 
Rugs and the rug pads today. 
I will certainly buy from you again in the near future."

A. Hickey, San Francisco, CA

Gaigwu Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image
My "uptown" rug arrived yesterday, 
surpassing our expectations..
The pattern looks even better in person, 
and the pile of the wool is perfect. 
Thanks for the great service. 

Ben T, Los Angeles, CA

Melas Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image(click image)

Thanks for the great site 
and excellent service. 

I love my new rug! 

Carrie G, Seattle, WA

(click image)

Adamina Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

I was told about your site last week and 
I'm already ordering from it! 
I even forwarded it on to friends. 
I was giving up on finding Rugs that I liked, 
so it's nice to know there are others out there 
who appreciate you great rug collections. 
And your canvas art is too dying for!

C. Bostel, Huntington, IN

Kokytos? Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image
I'm looking forward to my large

Super Shag Cuks Rug -

The sample idea was great!

Thank you so much - your web site Rocks!!!"

Sally M., New York, NY

Scorpius Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

I received the runner today --

I love it!!

Lisa T, Saratoga Springs, NY

Hydra Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image(click image)

WOW...You are awesome. 
As I was pulling up the tracking number, 
the rug arrived. We love it! 
Thanks for all you help.

Ashley T, Birmingham, AL

(click image)

Neile Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

Hi Guys: I just wanted to let you know that 
the Retro Shag Rugs today and it looks great!

Thanks for your attention to my order.

I love your web site!

Sue W., Mill Valley, CA

Dark Cobblestone Shag Rug Thumbnail Image

Thanks, Zachary.

I had fun working with you - a real pleasure.

Jane M., Overland Park, MN

Primo Coral Burgundy Shag Rug Thumbnail Image

Just wanted to let you know that I love the rug. 
It got here in great time and shape. 
The next time I go rug shopping, 
your website will be my first stop. 

Kim R, Alexandria, VA

Bella Onda BE08 Rug Thumbnail Image(click image)

I got the rug. It's beautiful. 
Thank you for all your help. 
Great quality and designs.

Glennis S, Thousand Oaks, CA

(click image)

Ragtime RAG7501 Shag Rug Thumbnail Image

Thank you so much for your response. 
We are looking forward to receiving our 
"Architektur" rug. You truly have some 
incredible rugs on your web site. 
We have already referred several friends. 
We look forward to making additional 
purchases in the near future from you 
Thank you Ann,. Take care!"

Ricky J., Phoenix, AZ

Opulence Premium 2.5"I just received my Dakota Jackson

"Whiskers - Taupe" rug, and it is fantastic!

It arrived sooner than I expected nice job!"

Ralph K- New York, NY, U.S.A.

Gandia Blasco Modern A 180 Degree Rug Brown Rug Thumbnail Image

"Thanks so much for my great rugs,

seriously thank you!"

Nancy H- Boston, MA


Dominican DOC1007 Rug Thumbnail Image
"Thank you very much for a speedy

delivery of our rugs, they are all you

said they will be - great!"

Sayuri W., Jersey City, NJ

Gandia Blasco Arabesco Verde Rug Thumbnail Image

"Love my red shag rug and I enjoyed

working with you all, my best to Ann!"

Anne A., Arlington, VA

Cepheus Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image"Thanks Zachary!! My rug is awesome,

Thanks so much for your help."

H. Felicia O., Miami, FL

Oji Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

"Hey Layne thanks for the email, appreciate it.

I prefer to do business with you guys since

you have excellent products, so I will wait till

Caelum Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

the "Nufar II" is in stock to order from you.

We received the "Meander Beige Tibetan"

and the rug pads - we love it. - Thanks again."

John R., Santa Fe Springs, CA

Felicita Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug Thumbnail Image

"I received my order yesterday -

one week quicker than you estimated. Thanks"

Mike R., Long Beach, CA

Swing S019-632 Rug Thumbnail Image

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my 
Sara Schneidman "SHN 311" rug! I looked 
forever for one - and found yours - 
and my room looks magnificent and it 
feels great -- thanks. 
great product"

Amy A., Los Angeles, CA

Karela Ombre Burgundy Rug Thumbnail Image

"I plan to order more area rugs shortly, 
and will share your web site with a few friends 
that like the simple modern products you offer. 
Thanks again! You guys are great and 
your taste in rugs is better."

M., Traverse City, MI

Dimensions DMN6608 Rug Thumbnail Image

"Zachary you're my hero for the kind of service 
and decorating tips you provided - I'm not kidding! 
you seem to enjoy your job and do it well 
please,. keep your sense of humor."

Heather C., Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks for your help! I will definitely be

ordering from you again in the future!"

Holly C., Tiffin, IA

Chobi Kileam 3111/0035 Camel Rug Thumbnail Image


We love our new rugs!"

Jennifer S., Pleasanton, CA

Thanks so much for all your help. 
you have given me great service 
and it is most appreciated. I'll be 
back soon to buy more!"

Linda F., Miami Beach, FL

Bauhaus Wool and Viscose Hi Lo Rug Thumbnail Image


The rug is beautiful and perfect 
for the house. 
I will look to you 
for my next rug order. 

Susan S, Anchorage, AK

Gap Carved Patter Woold and Viscose Rug Thumbnail Image(click image)

the rug is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exactly what i wanted :)

Dave A, West Hollywood, CA

(click image)

Digit 2 Rug Thumbnail Image
I received my rug and it's lovely. 
I would like to hang it on a wall. 

Thank you. 

Kathe H, Rumney NH

(click image)

Leatherwork 8101190 Style Rug Thumbnail Image

"Thank you so much for your 
excellent service. I look forward
to the product.

After this project, I will share my experience and 
will recommend your web site to clients."

Linda Y., Saratoga, CA

Cambridge Pollux Rug Thumbnail Image

"Your rugs are awesome. Truly. 
You can bet I became a dedicated customer, 
and will tell my friends about Modern

Again, I really appreciate Layne's personal service 
and will shop with you again and again."

Mary Ann H., Venice, CA

New Wave Harris Ivory Rug Thumbnail ImageI want to tell you how impressed I am 
with your company. I was hesitant to
purchase a rug over the internet but I 
was persuaded by your excellent
selection of product. 

I was very pleased to find that the rug 
we purchased was of excellent quality.
You shipped very quickly, 
and your follow-up with order confirmation 
Productionand tracking numbers was excellent.

I am an owner and operator of a 
consumer products company and I am acutely 
aware of the importance and challenge of 
providing excellent customer service.
Nice job!

Paul P, La Grange Park, IL

(click images) 

"Thanks for following up. 
Your customer service is great, and I love your products. 
We'll be sure to order from you again soon."

Jeanne C., Ann Arbor, MI

"We will definitely order from you in the future.

What everyone says on your web site is

very much true -- exceptional customer service..."

Karen & Ben F., Minneapolis, MN

Multi Squares

Thank you.
The three rugs 
I purchased 
so far are terriffic.

Michele W, Cherry Hill, NJ